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What Does Some Of The Past Students Have To Say About Max?

Made back the course fees even before the class starts

"Hi Max, your prediction on the time for FPI is so accurate, I am so impressed."

"It took me just ONE trade to recover my initial investment on this course, with an extra 100% net profit to spare."

"Any student who is lucky enough to learn from him will do well to open up to his well developed pedagogy and excel with a deep dive into markets. High recommended!"

"Even though I admit I only caught about 20% of what he taught me, I am already making a very high percentage of winning trades."

"He is fully committed in ensuring that his students are successful in trading. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who is serious in trading well!"

"Just a day after the course, I could already see stark improvements in my trading and analysis of the markets."

"His BMM signals based on time analysis are spot on."

"Max proves to us the system works in various assets and markets."

LIVE Webinar Details

Date: 21 March 2024, Thursday
Time: 7:30pm


3 Proven Technical Time Trading Strategies with a Win Rate of Over 89.4% with Real Results

Also, 3 important time trading tools that professional traders and investors seldom talk about nor share to the public.

Secret #01: Time Forecasting
Day Preview

Have you ever wondered why sometimes the market doesn't react immediately according to breaking news announced on the media? In fact, current events are usually a consequence of certain past (Market Price) events. In this webinar, you will learn how Time Traders forecast the market using Time Strategies.

Secret #02: Astrology and
Time Flow of Market Cycle

Do incidents in market and life have a pattern? What do planets & the moon tell Time Traders in advance as to what is to come to the world? (Hint: Look at what happened on 21 Dec 2020 Conjunction.)
In this webinar, you get to witness how Time Traders unveil the link of planetary & moon movement (such as :moon strikes") and the market with historical data that makes you wonder how universal energy affects everyone in the markets and the theory behind such behaviors that affects all markets including crypto, indices, FX & commodities, and reveal the science behind it. 

Secret #03: Time = Price

"This will likely be your Best Trading Course because of its Simplicity and High Effectiveness!"
Have  you heard about Harmonics? This is an idea taken from the Yin Yang theory that can be applied to the market. As Time Traders, we can use time to balance future prices of the market through understanding time factors and time bars. This allows us not only to issue price targets but also respond to possible changes in trends on certain dates of the market and letting us see the markets in three dimensions instead of two.

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"This will likely be your Last Trading Course because of its Simplicity and High Effectiveness!"

Meet Our Trainer

Max Koh

Lead Trainer
Kohnut Time Trader
Just like any of the new traders that just started out, Max went through the exact
same frustration that the many others have gone through such as making huge
amount of money fast and losing them even faster.

But that did not falter him but instead made him even more determined to learn
and discover more about trading. After being introduced to Time Trading back in
2018, Max was so amazed by what it could do and as such, he quit his job and
embarked full time honing his skills and applying them into his day to day trades.

Time Trading is an Astrological Trading System whereby you can use it to
forecast with high probability of upcoming market movements in the coming days,
weeks and sometimes even months in advance.

In 2019, as Max started gaining more momentum with his system, he soon
entered a fund house and started managing some of their funds. It was then, Max
established his very own team of time trading researchers which eventually led
him to uncover the very foundation of Time Trading.

These "Time Strategies" have allow Max and his team to make calls on Special
Trading Days in the stock market known as "Timebar" days to months in advance
with high precisions. These "Timebar" presented opportunities for good returns
with low possibility of losses.

In the process of these discoveries, new trading formulas such as KCDC now
known as KCKCKC, Algo spotting, BMM, Harmonics market distribution cycle
and hidden market energy patterns were all created, some taking into account
the nature cycles of the universe and it allows his team to even forecast possible
upcoming events.

Having once experienced from the shoes from the 96% of all market losers with 9
blown up trading accounts before becoming profitable, Max understands the
agony and thus want to help more people to get on the other side of the picture
rather than losses. 

Max hopes to share with as many people as possible his Time
Trading strategies so as to assist retail and professional traders to become more
profitable in the world of trading.
I recently attended Max's online live Time
Trader Course. As a regular futures trader, I have an in-depth knowledge of the markets and its dynamics and behaviour.

Since completing the Course, my overall
results have notably improved as well as my confidence in taking trades in all market conditions.

Max delivers the course in a very enthusiastic and energetic way. One can tell that he loves the art of trading and he genuinely wants all his students to succeed. 

He is always willing to answer questions and queries and provide guidance. I would highly recommend his courses to all traders regardless of experience as it will give them the professional edge to succeed.

Amal Khanna, Australia
There's no such thing as a sure-win trade! But after Max's guidance, I am able to understand how big financial institutions move the market and am more confident of entering the market using the principles he taught. 

Making use of probability, time cycles and risk management, I am now able to increase the chances of winning with the techniques Max taught me. 

Max's understanding of how the market works is extremely in depth and mind blowing and Time Trading is something very rarely taught by other trainers. 

Even though I admit I only caught about 20% of what he taught me, I am already making a very high percentage of winning trades.

Chris, Singapore
Max is an extremely dedicated and patient teacher. I have attended many trading courses in the past but what Max teaches in this class is far superior in terms of contents. 

His course contents is complex but Max takes the extra effort to explain the theories and workings of each technic. 

His technical understanding and explanations are really fantastic. Even after the course ends, he takes the time to answer all questions at any time of the day! 

He is fully committed in ensuring that his students are successful in trading and keeps reminding us to be mindful of the risk and our stop loss. 

I would highly recommend this course to anyone who is serious in trading well! Thank you Max!

Esther Lim, Singapore
Max, attending your class is like learning to ride a bike. Attaining a new skill which I hope to get better at over time. 

I never knew there was so much science behind trends, charts and time. Truly an eye opener 5 days for me. 

I especially appreciate the fact that you were able to simplify trading concepts for a lay person like me to grasp. Definitely no easy feat. 

Your energy, candid approach and no holds barred responses made the lessons both educational and engaging.

Thank you again! I absolutely love the course and am looking forward to the next phase of my trading journey!

Augustine Chew,
Max is very methodical when it comes to trading. 

He leaves no stone unturned in the grand narrative of modern day trading and he will challenge all of your hang ups, misconceptions and widely held beliefs about the business. 

Leave yourself unreservedly in his hands. Any student who is lucky enough to learn from him will do well to open up to his well developed pedagogy and excel with a deep dive into markets. 

Highly recommended, two thumbs up.

Edwin Ng, Singapore
I had the opportunity to attend one of Max's training programs. 

Max shared lots of market insights and how market markers trade, which was quite valuable to gain an understanding of the overall market moves. 

I find him quite knowledgeable in technical analysis and he shared some in depth technical analysis which I found useful to improve my overall trading. 

His BMM signals based on time analysis are spot on.

Albert Anto, India
With zero prior trading experience and looking to start trading. 

I happened to chance upon Max, his course definitely gave me a flying head start to understanding the concepts of trading.

His course covers an array of proven methods varies from basic to advance.

Definitely, very powerful, sharp and precise tools that I am glad to equipped with!

Liang Wei, Singapore
"The Best Form of Investment is Investing In Yourself"
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